My name is Matt McCabe.  This is my website.  I’m a life long musician and audio geek.  I used to work in a commercial recording studio, but now I happily work out of my project studio, dubbed Finley Sound.  Here, I write and record music for my band, King Never.  I also work on projects for a select few - mixing and mastering, and occasionally adding some guitar loops or textures.  On occasion, I mix FOH sound at church.

A long time ago, I played guitar in a band called Able Cain.  Like in the 90s.  We were pretty good.  Our website is really lame.  I also produced the infamous Looper’s Delight Volume 2 compilation CD.  A double CD, no less!

My wife, kids and I reside on the McCabe Family Farm, located in Loomis, CA.  It’s a hobby farm.  I suppose that makes me a gentlemen farmer.  We try to grow some of our own food, but have been more successful assembling a menagerie of donkeys, sheep, chickens, and ducks.  We also have two livestock guardian dogs and two crested geckos.

I'm always looking to connect with other musicians and engineers.  Is that you?  Well then, drop me a line.