Studio Rats Podcast #4 - Studio Six Digital RTA

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In this episode of the podcast, I review the Studio Six Digital RTA app for iPhone.

Don't have an iPhone? No worries! I also touch on the following topics; calibrating your monitors (how to article by Bob Katz, Fletcher-Munson curves, Radio Shack SPL meter, Fuzz Measure, iPhone mic frequency responses (Faber Acoustical articles here and here), and more.

Special thanks to the band Chute for providing the music.



What's In The Box?

A subwoofer!

After purchasing and installing Adam A7 studio monitors last year, I've felt my system lacked a bit of low bass. The A7s are extremely accurate and unforgiving until you get around 50Hz and then they really start to roll off (they're spec'ed down to 46Hz with a 3dB roll off).  The newly acquired Adam Sub7 reaches down to 31Hz and really fills out the low end nicely. I still need to calibrate the sub, but early tests seem to indicate a frequency response a bit lower than 31Hz, perhaps down to 28Hz. Bypassing the sub7's 85Hz crossover and letting the A7s roll off naturally seems to provide the smoothest response so far, but I still have some experimenting to do.

Please excuse all the cords in the second photo - I was anxious to get things hooked up!