Crane Song HEDD 192

The only thing better than thinking about purchasing new gear is actually purchasing it!

After sitting on the fence for a couple of months weighing my opinions, I decided to pull the trigger and purchase a Crane Song HEDD 192 for the studio.

The HEDD 192 offers two channels of excellent analog to digital and digital to analog conversion as well as tube and tape emulation. My favorite feature is being able to use the emulation processing in the digital domain - just like a hardware plug-in for my DAW. Awesome! And let me just say that the emulation sounds really, really, good. I've already used it on a couple of projects and can't imagine going back.

In moderate amounts, the HEDD adds a subtle fullness or body to a recording - seeming to fill in the space around instruments and "glue" them together in a very musical way.   It's subtle, but you certainly miss it when you bypass the HEDD.  Things can get a little silly with extreme settings, but there's plenty of color to be had if you keep things reasonable.

All racked up and ready to rock!