Drywall, Perimeter Tape and Acoustic Sealant


Work is progressing on the studio, and since I don’t have any new gear or music to review this month, it’s time for another studio update!

The drywall has been hung, but with a twist!  An approximately 1/4” gap was left around the perimeter of each wall and ceiling.  With the inclusion of Kinetics Noise Control IsoMax clips and resilient channel (RC2), this allows the drywall shell to be isolated from the structure and other walls.  This building technique helps to reduce resonances and improves noise control.

The aforementioned gap was then filled with Kinetics’ CPT (a dense 1/4” thick foam tape) and finished off with an application of TrueAcoustic Sealant.  The final wall assembly consists of standard wood framing, IsoMax clips, RC2, drywall, RoomDamp2, drywall, CPT, and TrueAcoustic Sealant. Yes, this created lots of extra work, but it should yield a well-performing and articulate shell.

The studio was previously wired with three 20-amp circuits to isolate playback, recording and accessory loads and with the addition of rack mounted power distribution, should be ready to go.

And finally, just this evening, the kids and I finished painting the studio — an ultra safe white.  With any luck, I’ll be experimenting with speaker placement and listening positions soon.