Album Review: Anthony Pirog - 'Palo Colorado Dream'


I recently became aware of experimental guitarist, Anthony Pirog, thanks to the excellent blog, Guitar Moderne

Pirog released his solo album, Palo Colorado Dream, in October 2014.  It is available for purchase via Bandcamp.  The album features Pirog on electric guitar with Michael Formanek on acoustic bass and Ches Smith on drums.

While much of the album ventures a little too far into the realm of jazz noodling for my tastes, there are some beautiful moments interspersed among the songs.

That being said, I bought the album for just one song.  Simply put, "The New Electric" is a modern guitar masterpiece firmly rooted in the rock aesthetic.  When Pirog lets loose during the guitar solo, playing masterfully with tension and release, it becomes clear he has some serious chops.  Such a wonderful track!

I’ll be on the lookout for future projects from Pirog, especially if he continues to dabble in the rock genre.