Studio Construction: End of Week Five

The studio walls are going up!  Note the resilient channel onto which the sheetrock will be fastened (the horizontal metal strips).  The resilient channel acoustically isolates the sheetrock from the stubs. The black strip visible at the top of the walls is the IsoPad from A/V RoomService.  Also note that none of the sheetrock seams overlap.  This helps to further reduce the transfer of sound in and out of the studio. About half of the sheetrock is up in the studio.  The first layer of sheetrock is fastened to the resilient channel (not the studs), then a coat of RoomDamp is applied and finally one more layer of sheetrock.  All gaps are sealed with acoustic sealant.  Even though the studio walls are not yet complete, the room is noticeably more quiet than the rest of the house.