Studio Update


Work is finally progressing on the new studio space.  The shell construction is similar to the old studio but with some notable improvements.

This time around, Kinetics Noise Control IsoMax sound isolating clips are being utilized to attach the resilient channel (RC2) to the studs.  The clips offer the advantage of making it nearly impossible to inadvertently screw through the resilient channel into a stud (thereby rendering the resilient channel ineffective).  Additionally, the clips dramatically improve the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating when compared to the resilient channel alone.

Two layers of drywall will be mounted onto the resilient channel with a coating of A/V RoomService RoomDamp2 between layers.  RoomDamp2 further improves STC by helping to minimize low-frequency vibrations, resonances, and reverberations.

All in all, these materials should yield a quiet and articulate room.  I can’t wait to hear it!