The Benefits of Upgrading Your Mic Preamp(s)

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade the sound of your recordings, consider purchasing at least one high quality mic preamp - and use it to record everything! The differences between a cheap preamp and something like an API 512c may be subtle to some when A/Bing the two, but the difference can become quite profound when you start mixing multiple tracks. Believe me, it makes a big difference and can breath new life into the microphones you already own.

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Studio Rats Podcast #3 - Recording Electric Guitar


In this episode of the podcast, Jeff and I discuss recording the electric guitar.  Topics include DI vs. mic'ed cabinets, wet or dry, favorite microphones and placement, the merits of double tracking and more.

In no particular order, we mention the following gear: AKG 414, Shure SM57, BLUE The Ball, AT 4033, Shinybox 46, Electro-Voice PL80, Apogee Duet and Ensemble, MOTU 2408, M-Audio Fastrack Pro, Euphonix MC Mix and Avalon 2022.